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Crux of Crean’s Creative Australia is to cut the cultural cringe

Posted on 13 March 2013

Today the Honourable Simon Crean MP, Minister for the Arts, released Australia’s first national cultural policy in almost 20 years. There’s plenty of commentary about it, much of which, like me, is excited and impressed by it’s vision and it’s genuine relevance. But what I’ve read so far seems to miss an important point about this policy, which has prompted me to add my 2 cents. At it’s crux, Crean’s Creative Australia cuts through arts policy wonk and social stigma alike revealing the truth about the arts that those of us in the sector have long known: that the arts is a dynamic and vibrant part of Australian social and economic endeavour. For fear of wonking myself, let me explain what I mean. The…

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Better late than never Google

Posted on 28 July 2010

Google’s website for the 2007 Federal Election was one of the many sites I relied on heavily in the lead up to that election. That world-first service included an election mapplet—with the electorates marked out and information including the incumbent member, the candidates contesting that election, the margin, links Google News, YouTube, the ABC and other services, and a history of the seat—for Google Maps, links to the party’s YouTube channels and Google’s Australia Votes channel and a string of iGoogle gadgets. Such a service from Google was sadly lacking from this election. Until this morning of course when Google launched their 2010 Federal Election landing page. Another outcome of Google’s 20% rule, the 2010 suite includes: A Google Maps mapplet with electorates, colour-coding to indicate tipped outcome and…

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