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IN/OUTPUTS for 17 to 23 October

Posted on 21 October 2011

In/outputs - a quick look at what’s passed through my feeds this week Artist Revenue Streams The Future of Music Coalition has launched a research project to “… gather crucial information about the ways that US-based musicians and composers are currently generating income from songs, recordings or performances, and how this has changed over the past five years. The research will be informed by a combination of interviews, financial data and a survey. The Coalition hopes to use the research to: understand how musicians are making money in the music industry; inform advocacy and lobbying activities; and asses the value of new technologies/services available to musicians. They are seeking contributions to the survey, which is open until 28 October. ♺ Future of Music Coalition on FutureBlog. Eye Roller Geoff Manaugh has…

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Sets and the City – Adam Greenfield lecture

Posted on 14 July 2009

Earlier this evening I ducked over to the QUT Creative Industries Precinct to see Adam Greenfield talk at the first of NICTA‘s Big Picture Seminar Series. I love this photo of him: Photo: The Good Life by slavin fpo He’s one of the early internet information architects and is currently the head of design direction for user interface and services at Nokia. To paraphrase his own introduction, his work sits somewhere at the interface of sophisticated technical systems and the people who use them. Given Greenfield literally wrote the book (well, a book) on ubiquitous computing, I figured much of his lecture was going to be around the potential of seamlessly integrated computation into everyday life. I was right. Essentially, he began with the premise that we are…

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