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JESS3 posters for Google LA is jam packed with memes

Posted on 7 November 2011

As part of Google’s consolidation of it’s offices in Los Angeles into one location at in Venice Beach, they commissioned JESS3 to create a series of posters for each of the 14 engineering areas focused on at the LA campus. I love the creativity and geekiness gone into these. The creative agency’s attention to internet memes is hilarious. I especially love the statement on the bottom of the YouTube Social poster: “Because these cat videos aren’t going to share themselves.” Nice one JESS3! ♺ Google LA Office Posters by JESS3, no date. ★ Google LA Posters: How we got it done! on JESS3 Blog, no date. Images (top to bottom):  Google LA posters by JESS3. © Copyright 2011 JESS3/Google (?). Permission pending.

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So how ’bout: Objectivity in journalism

Posted on 25 August 2011

So I said  I wanted to have a gripe about Asher Moses’ article in The Sydney Morning Herald on the Apple v Samsung case, so here it is. In the very first line of the article Moses makes the following claim: Stanley Kubrick, not Apple, designed the iPad, Samsung says in a bizarre patent defence that cites 2001: A Space Odyssey as an argument for why its copycat tablet shouldn’t be pulled from sale in the US. What I don’t like about Moses’ statement is that he’s made an obvious judgement call on whether or not the Samsung devices have infringes Apple’s intellectual property. But I thought the whole reason the matter was at court at all was to let a learned Justice of the US Federal District…

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The etcc Exhibition / A Semi-permanent sideshow of remix works

Posted on 5 August 2011

Benjamin Reeve, Skye Reeve and I have been working on the etcc remixable exhibition series since we were a recipient of the inaugural Creative Commons Catalyst Grants. The Sydney exhibition was massive, and we’re hoping the Brisbane one will be too! The etcc Exhibition A Semi-permanent sideshow of remix works 5 – 26 August 2011 @ Shøøting Gallery   The blurb: Appropriation. Rip offs. Sharing. Remix. Collaboration. Piracy. Due credit. The environment artists operate in now is both liberating and litigious. etcc is a series of exhibitions that are remixed and remixable – legally. The Semi-Permanent side-show culminates in three consecutive exhibitions in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne featuring a body of new works that explore the realities of copyright in the visual arts. In May AMBUSH gallery…

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Geo-graphic / A survey of work by Warren Handley @ Brew Cafe & Wine Bar

Posted on 22 July 2011

I’ve had an art crush on our second BrewXShøøting Gallery artist for some time. Warren Handley‘s work is absolutely beautiful! Plus the exhibition opening is a) the night of my birthday and b) part of my leaving Brisbane so there’s no excuse for not coming!   Geo-graphic A survey of works by Warren Handley 3 August – 9 September 2011 @ Brew Cafe & Wine Bar   The blurb: Geo-graphic expands Warren Handley’s exploration of the tangible and intangible.While his practice is diverse in subject matter and medium, these prints come from his body of work that investigates how we perceive space and form. It explores visual forms that recur through the universe from the macro to the micro scale. Experiments with the visual…

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Song to say good bye

Posted on 19 July 2011

It is with a mixture of excitement, anticipation and butterflies that I am finally making this announcement. For those of you who don’t already know the news, I am moving on from Creative Commons Australia to take up a position as the Digital Content Officer at the Australia Council for the Arts. If you’re reaction was, “Woah, but hasn’t Elliott been at Creative Commons for ages?” don’t worry, you’re right. I have. I started with Professor Brian Fitzgerald at QUT Law School in the middle of 2004. I’ve been working along side him and his amazingly talents gaggle of researchers and advocates for a long time. I have lived and breathed copyright, digital technologies and new business models – you all know that, you undoubtedly…

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